Kenmont is Closed for the Season

Message (August 13th)

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Message from Kenmont Dear Kenmont Families, We are in our 8th week of the 2020 season and continue to look forward to enjoying time at the pool and tennis courts with members of the Kenmont community. We would like to bring to your attention a few items that will help to keep us safe and still enjoy swimming, playing tennis or simply lounging on the pool deck or the grounds.

Lap Lanes
The lap pool is experiencing high demand this summer and with the county's limitation of 1 swimmer per lap lane, please remember that there is no guarantee that a lane will be available for everyone during a given reservation slot. We ask that you be considerate of people waiting when you are swimming laps. Lap lanes will continue to be first come/first serve, however If people are waiting to use lap lanes, please be courteous to your fellow Kenmont members and limit your usage to (30-45 minutes). Doing so will allow as many members as possible to enjoy the lap pool. We also recommend arriving later during a time slot as lanes often turnover during the latter part of the two hours. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

A Friendly Reminder to all Parents RE: Unaccompanied members under 14 at the Club
We want to remind all parents that the Covid-19 rules require children under 14 years old to be accompanied and supervised by a responsible member that is at least 15 years old.

Games and large groups in the pool
We continue our rule of no large group games while in the pool. Also, based on membership feedback, throwing of balls while in the pool is no longer allowed. Under all circumstances, remember to maintain six foot distancing from everyone while in the pool. If everyone does their part, the entire Kenmont community will benefit from having a safe and enjoyable environment for all to enjoy.

Daily Reservation Procedures
Please remember that each family can make advance reservations for a maximum of 2 weekday time slots and 1 time slot on the weekend. Plus, starting at 9am each morning, each member may also reserve one same-day reservation for that day, which will not count against your weekly limit of three advanced reservations. Face coverings and Physical Distancing Please wear face coverings and stay six feet from non-family members while on the pool deck, tennis courts and the picnic area. These simple precautions can make a difference in reducing risk of infections, but also reduce member’s concerns while at the Club and make the member experience more enjoyable for everyone. We also ask parents to discuss these issues with their children and monitor their behavior.

Out-of-State Travel Advisory
Please review Gov. Hogan’s recent statewide mask order and out of state travel advisory:

Questions or concerns while at the Club?
The pool manager, Juan, is every member’s point of contact if an issue arises that would require immediate attention. Please ask any lifeguard to direct you to the pool manager or the assistant manager. You are always welcome to contact the board regarding any issue by contacting us at If you have any questions, please contact us at The Board of Directors