Kenmont is Closed for the Season

Swim Team Time Trials & Other Updates

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The pool will not be available for reservations in the 10:30-12:30 time slots on Wednesday July 29th and Thursday July 30th when the Tsunami Swim Team is scheduled to have their time trials meet. We had previously stated that those times would not be available on Tuesday the 28th and Wednesday the 29th. The pool will be open 10:30 to 12:30 on Tuesday the 28th.

Returning from Vacation - Clarification

We previously stated “we urge you not to come to the Club until you have been tested and received a negative result.” To clarify, it is not a requirement that you have a negative test result in order to come to the pool after being on vacation. 

Lap Pool Usage

Phase Two county guidelines allow only one person per lap lane. So that everyone has an opportunity to swim laps during a session, please exercise courtesy to those who are waiting and be mindful of the duration of your workout. If you’ve been swimming for 30-45 minutes, please check/ask if anyone is waiting and allow others use of the lap lanes. We also recommend arriving later during a time slot as lanes often available in the latter part of the two hours.

Reminder: Being at Kenmont

Keep up the good work!


With the increase in Covid19 cases in Maryland, please review Kenmont’s Covid-19 rules to prevent the spread of this pandemic. We ask all members, especially parents, to ensure that all family members are following the rules. If your young children/teens want to gather together in a circle to talk, please make sure they are either wearing a mask or are at least 6 feet apart both in and outside the pools! 


As a reminder, here are the rules for “Being at Kenmont”: 


Members must wear face coverings while moving about Kenmont. Members are not required to wear face coverings while sunbathing or sitting six feet away from non-family members. Members are not to wear face coverings while in the pool.

Members must observe all physical distancing directives and policies to include, at a minimum, maintaining at least six foot distance from all non-family members at all times.

When the main pool is open for general use, appropriate physical distancing must be observed.

There will be no group games in the main pool, e.g., beaver, or marco polo.

In the event that the pool and pool deck must be cleared for inclement weather or other circumstances, members must leave the Kenmont facility. An “all clear” flag or similar notification will be displayed at the gate shack when the pool is open for swimming.


Thank you again for your cooperation. If you have questions or comments, please contact us at


The Board of Directors