Kenmont is Closed for the Season

Message from the Board

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Dear Kenmont Families, 

We hope you enjoyed the pool and tennis court facilities this week.  Thank you again for your cooperation and efforts as a member of the Kenmont community to ensure that the Club is a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.  In this spirit, here are a few reminders for everyone to always keep in mind:

Face Coverings
Please wear masks or face coverings when entering the facility and while on the pool deck and tennis courts.  Masks should be removed for swimming.  

Physical Distancing
We ask everyone to maintain the recommended distance of 6 feet from people who are not members of your immediate family.  And parents, we all know how excited young children can be while at the Club with their friends, and ask that you help your children to practice physical distancing.  

Lap Pool Usage
The Lap Pool has six lanes for swimming and Aquatic exercises such as deep water running and water aerobics.   Phase 2 county guidelines allow only 1 person per lane and to allow equitable use by everyone, please exercise courtesy to those who are waiting and be mindful of the duration of your workout to allow a maximum number of lap lane usage during each 2 hour shift.   We have asked the county for changes to lap lane restrictions which would open up more lap lane usage.   Also, the deeper ends of the main pool may also be used for water running and water aerobics.

Each family can make advance reservations for a maximum of 2 week day time slots and 1 time slot on the weekend!  Plus, you can register for additional open slots on the same day at 9:00 am.  

Thank you all for accepting and adapting to the new rules and regulations for the Summer.  It’s Kenmont community spirit at its best!  We look forward to continued enjoyment of the Club’s facilities with you this coming week!  If you have questions or comments, please contact us at  


The Board of Directors