Kenmont is Closed for the Season


Capital Improvements for 2019


During the membership meeting on Tuesday, February 26th, members  unanimously approved $86,000 of capital improvements. The improvements include new floors in the main level of the clubhouse, painting the main level of the clubhouse and lower-level hallway, updating the pantry, new shower fixtures, and secure storage in the loft. The Board would like to thank the members of the Improvement Committee for their time and effort in making these improvements a reality.


The clubhouse floor will be replaced with a vinyl wood plank flooring. It is waterproof and slip-resistant. The outer portion of the floor will be a darker color relative to the inner portion. The main level, stairway and lower-level hallway will be painted, including all vertical surfaces, but not the ceiling or trusses. The new shower fixtures will be similar to the older electronic fixtures, only manually operated and with adjustable temperature. The pantry will be outfitted with new sinks, fridge and storage space. Secure storage will be built in the loft area to the left and the right of the window.