Kenmont is Closed for the Season

Online Reservations Coming Soon!

Friday, June 19, 2020

Dear Kenmont Members,


We are thrilled that the Club will open on Monday, June 22 for members to enjoy our pools and tennis courts. Our efforts to prepare the Club to meet county guidelines and Kenmont’s Covid-19 operational rules are in full swing. We are pleased to announce that an online reservation system, a key requirement for opening, is in the final stages of testing before its official launch.  


We will be launching the online registration system this weekend. Initially, you will be able to register for time slots during the week of Monday, June 22nd – Sunday, June 28th. We will closely monitor the system to identify and fix any software glitches that may arise, and then allow reservations for future weeks.


Our current plan is based on current county Phase Two guidelines. As the gudlines evolve we will be adapting to the situation.


Registration Instructions

First, you are limited to reserving a maximum of two weekday time slots/reservations and no more than one weekend time slot. Be mindful that other members of the Kenmont community are as excited as you are to have opportunities to swim and play tennis at the Club. 

Second, the weekday time slots run from Monday at 10:30am to Friday at 3:00pm; weekend slots begin on Friday at 3:30pm and end on Sunday at 9:00pm. See the schedule below.  


Third, when you register, the system will ask you to indicate which family members will attend. You must add each family member who will be attending the time slot to your cart. (please make sure all family members in your household are registered as members). Please remember that Kenmont has a “no guest policy” this summer. There will be no exceptions.   

Fourth, please carefully review the reservation instructions before the system opens, so that you are familiar with the process. Please click here for the reservation page and instructions.

Again, in order to give each family fair access to the pool we are asking you to only reserve (in advance) for two weekday and one weekend time slot. After the initial registration period ends there may be additional slots available. We anticipate opening up these slots for online reservation on a daily first come first serve basis. Additional instructions will follow in future emails.

Lastly, we are a community and part of that means looking after one another. If you know of any one of our members, for whom these changes may pose a challenge, please reach out and offer them your assistance. We are also happy to work with individuals on any specific needs.

We appreciate your understanding and flexibility during these unusual times and are looking forward to a fun summer.


Thank you.

The Kenmont Board of Directors