Kenmont is Closed for the Season

Inactive Member Policy

A Class A Member who cannot use the pool or other facilities of the Association during any part  of the fiscal year may, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, become an Inactive Member for the year. Special assessments shall be payable in full unless the resolution levying the special  assessment expressly provides otherwise. To warrant consideration of the Board of Directors for the status of an Inactive Member or the termination of membership for the purposes of refunding annual dues, written notice must be received by the Secretary prior to the opening day of that  season. Inactive Members shall pay a maintenance fee, in an amount to be established by the  Board, to maintain membership. Failure to pay such fee shall result in a loss of one-third (1/3)  the share value each year and removal from the membership rolls after three (3) years. 

When there is a waiting list:

In the event that the membership rolls are full at the time the inactive Member seeks to reactivate his membership, he shall be placed at the top of the waiting list in chronological order of payment of  the annual dues, which shall be refundable less the maintenance fee, in the event the membership  rolls remain full. To reclaim active membership, all dues, fees and assessments, including lost share value, must be paid in full.