Frequently Asked Questions

Why are annual fees due when Kenmont is opening late or may not open?

Kenmont is a not-for-profit association with membership dues as the primary source of income. Dues are collected at the beginning of the season to make sure there is enough money to “keep the lights on” through the season. The Club has incurred significant expenses to date and will continue to incur expenses over the summer. Expenses already paid include landscaping, pool & property maintenance, pest control, insurance, software licensing, and utilities. Real estate, personal property, and amusement taxes will come due shortly. Pool management costs are paid April – September. The pool management company has been working to prepare the pools for opening. This takes about 4-6 weeks prior to opening and could not be delayed, even though an opening date was uncertain. Even if we were unable to open, the water needs to treated and the pumps running over the summer. If they were not, the resulting algae would ruin the recently replaced white coat surface coating of the pools, and the pool would become a mosquito breeding ground.

If the pool is not being used, why does it need to be maintained?

Preventative maintenance is performed to minimize future replacement and repairs of structures and equipment.   For example, the pool covers need to be removed so the summer sun does not cause premature wearing. The water needs to be treated and the pumps run over the summer. If they were not, the resulting algae would ruin the recently replaced white coat, and the pool would become a mosquito breeding ground. Likewise, the grounds and facilities need to be maintained to keep Kenmont’s facilities in good working order.

Will there be a refund if Kenmont opens late or not at all?

As outlined in the previous question, Kenmont has already incurred significant expenses and will continue to do so. The weekly savings for not opening are relatively small compared to total costs. A full accounting will be performed at the end of the fiscal year on September 30. If any savings are realized, they will be refunded or credited to next season.

If Kenmont is unable to open, we estimate that it would cost $160,000 to “keep the lights on”, or roughly $400 per membership on average.

We emphasize that these are estimates because there are still many uncertainties. For example, we may require additional staffing in order to meet cleaning requirements set forth by the county, we may have equipment failures, etc.

When are annual fees due?

Annual fees are usually due no later than April 1st. This year, the due date was extended to April 15th. In order to ease the hardship of paying full dues in the midst of the pandemic, we also provided the option to make a $150 payment when registering, with the balance due on by May 23rd. This is different from the Capital Improvement fee that was suspended for this season and also happened to be $150. The capital improvement fee was refunded to members that paid it, or it reduced the balance due for families that made the $150 payment.

How do I find out my balance due?

To look up your balance, log in to the CommunityPass web site via the link, then click “View & Pay Balances”.  You may also email

When will financial data be available for review by Kenmont members?

Kenmont’s fiscal year is October 1 to September 30, and the accountant is currently reviewing the financial statements for fiscal year ended September 30, 2019.  These will be made available to the membership shortly.  As for this fiscal year ending September 30, 2020, the accountant will be reviewing during the fall  2020/ winter of 2021.  Once this financial review is completed, it, too, will be made available to Kenmont members. This year’s budget will be reviewed during the membership meeting on May 31, 2020.

Why was the membership meeting postponed?

The Kenmont Board decided to move the meeting anticipating further guidance from state and local authorities with regards to opening dates and procedures.

Will Kenmont open this summer, and if so, when?

We only know that we are not allowed to open at this time. There has been no announcement as to when we can open. The May 18 press release from Montgomery County indicates that they intend to allow us to open when they determine it is safe to do so (see Once we know the earliest date the pool can open, we anticipate it will take two weeks to prepare, including organizing and training the staff and implementing new county regulations. For example, if it was announced on May 25th that we were allowed to open on June 1, we would need until June 8 to prepare (two weeks from the 25th).

At what point will you decide to not open the pool at all?

The Board is considering this question, but a decision has not been made.

Under what conditions will the pool consider opening?

The Board will only open when Montgomery County states that we can, and we feel we can reasonably implement restrictions. In addition, the Board has been considering various restrictions and how they might be implemented.

What restrictions will be in place for opening?

The Board is waiting on guidance from state and local authorities. As stated in Montgomery County’s recent press release, restrictions may include “Limiting the number of people admitted into the pool; Closure of some pool features; Ensuring people maintain physical distancing of at least six feet on the pool deck; and Requesting that people bring their own pool chairs.” The Kenmont Board will communicate the restrictions in place with the members prior to opening and will post notices around the facility summarizing the restrictions.