Kenmont Swim & Tennis Club

Pool closes at 8pm on Sunday, September 16th!
Includes crabs, steak, fried chicken, hot dogs, sides, dessert and sodas.
$ 35 if eating crabs
$ 25 if not eating crabs
$ 15 for 6-12 year olds
5 and below are no charge


Renewing Members

Members who were Active or Inactive last season will receive a renewal information post card via mail by early March of the current year.  


PLEASE NOTE: In 2010, we reached our legal capacity, and we anticipate turning away applications again this summer.  Therefore, all renewing members must submit their renewal applications by April 1 of the current year to be guaranteed an Active membership this summer.  We cannot guarantee your spot after April 1st, and if we reach our maximum before receiving your application, you will have to be an "Inactive" member for the season.


Class A and AI members who do not submit their applications on time and wish to maintain their membership for the current year must pay a $120 inactive fee.  You will then be INACTIVE for the season. Class AI members are required to pay the initiation fee installment even if they are inactive.


Renewing Your Membership

Please complete the online renewal application per the instructions on the post card that will be mailed to you in early March, or email to request a paper application and mail it with full payment to:


Kenmont Swim & Tennis Club

P.O. Box 32

Kensington, MD 20895 


Class A Members who submit an application after April 1 must include a $50 late fee.


2018 Initiation Fees


Kenmont is a not-for-profit 501(c)7 social/recreation association governed by By-Laws.  Depending on your current Membership Status, your 2016 Initiation Fee is one of the following:

  • Lifetime Membership (Class A)
    as a Class A member with a "membership interest" and voting privileges in the Association.


  • Lifetime Membership (Class A Installment)
    $180 installment 
    as a Class AI member paying toward a $500 initiation fee in order to have a "membership interest" and voting privileges in the Association, or $215 installment as a Class AI member paying toward a $600 initiation fee (starting 2017). Class A Installment members who choose not pay their second or third installments will lose the value of previously paid initiation fees.


  • Former Class C Members
    The Class C membership has been discontinued. 


2018 Annual Dues - Extended Summer Season May 26 - September 16, 2016 

In addition to an Initiation Fee, each family pays Annual Dues each year that are based on family size:

  • 1 Family Member: $370 / year
  • 2 Family Members: $485 / year
  • 3 Family Members: $540 / year
  • 4 or more Family Members: $595 + $25 per additional member/ year
  • In addition to the dues, a $120.00 capital improvement fee will be added to each membership to fund improvements to the Kenmont facility.
  • INACTIVE: $120 / year (See Maintaining Your Membership below)

You may have additions or subtractions to your Annual Dues (excluding INACTIVE) as such:

  • Children born 1/1/2017 or after are FREE and should not be counted in the number above.
  • Families with more than two members ages 21+ pay an additional $25 per extra adult.
  • Families with members ages 62+ may subtract $25 per senior, maximum of two.

Please note: A family member is considered a person living in the same household and at the same address, and legally related to the primary member. We reserve the right to request proof of relationship in order to determine any family member listed is eligible for membership as part of this family. Kenmont also allows au-pairs, nannies, or child care providers to be listed as an eligible family member provided that they are working at least 20 hours per week in this capacity. 


Kenmont does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, national origin, religion, age, sex or handicap.

Maintaining Your Membership

Each year, Class A and Class A Installment members must maintain their membership by:


  • paying Annual Dues for Active Status, or
  • paying $120 / year maintenance fee for Inactive Status. 


If a Class A or Class A Installment member fails to maintain their membership, they lose 1/3 value of their "membership interest" for each year not maintained.  Once the "membership interest" reaches zero ($0), the member loses all rights to their membership.  More information is available in the By-Laws.

Selling Your Membership


Fully-paid Class A members who have maintained their membership and have a full "membership interest" may sell their Lifetime Membership to another family.  The selling family must pay Kenmont a one-time $200 transfer fee.  The buying family is then responsible for paying Annual Dues. 


Once the club reaches full membership, the Association may elect to buy back memberships .  At this time, however, the Association is not buying memberships.   More information is available in the By-Laws.