Kenmont Swim & Tennis Club

Pool closes at 8pm on Sunday, September 16th!
Includes crabs, steak, fried chicken, hot dogs, sides, dessert and sodas.
$ 35 if eating crabs
$ 25 if not eating crabs
$ 15 for 6-12 year olds
5 and below are no charge


Capital Improvement Fee

Soon you will get the postcard inviting you to register for the 2018 Kenmont Pool Season. When you go online, as part of your registration, you will see a $120.00 capital improvement fee charged to each active family. The fee has been added to raise money to help pay for some of the numerous improvements that the members request each year. 

The regular dues you pay each year cover the annual operations of the pool -- providing guards, insurance, licenses, chemicals, utilities, and routine maintenance of the grounds, clubhouse, chairs and tables. A portion of annual dues also goes into a long-term reserve fund that pays for the pool resurfacing we must do every 10-12 years. We've just completed such an overhaul last fall, and the Kenmont pools are like new.

Each year, we receive excellent suggestions from the membership about how we can further improve Kenmont.  A special committee was created a few years ago to think about both long-term improvements (renovations to the facilities) as well as short-term improvements (a newly installed stairwell to the basketball court, for example). The capital improvement fee will allow us to begin making some improvements today and also start saving for larger improvements in the future.

For years, the board has worked hard to keep dues low. Kenmont remains among the least expensive pools both in terms of initiation fees and annual dues. At the same time, it is also one of the nicest pools in the area. We hope that this modest fee allows us to continue to do both, keeping the pool affordable while also investing to make it even better tomorrow.